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Dynamic Database Browser Tool, Version 2.3.2

Dynamic Database Browser (DDB) Tool is a Dynamic PSP(tm) add-on module, which provides DPSP developers with 100% web-based interface for browsing, creating and modifying Oracle database structures and objects. DDB also provides an interface for running ad-hoc queries (Oracle user types are not supported by this interface, but all standard SQL types and queries are supported.)


To successfully install DDB, the target system should meet the following minimum requirements:
  1. Oracle9i, Oracle8i RDBMS Release 2 (8.1.6) or later; Release 3 (8.1.7) is recommended;
  2. Oracle HTTP Server, Oracle Application Server, WebDB or Oracle Portal;
  3. OWA Tookit installed into Oracle8i/9i RDBMS;
  4. Dynamic PSP(tm) Version 2.3.0 or later installed into the database.

DDB Installation.

DDB module should be installed into the Dynamic PSP Kernel schema. Installation is performed through supplied SQL*Plus script as follows:

sqlplus "dpsp2owner"/"password"[@TNSAlias] @create_DDB.sql

where is the name of Dynamic PSP owner, is that user's password and [@TNSAlias] is an optional Oracle database TNS alias (not needed if installation is performed on the server and correct ORACLE_SID is set in the environment.)

You will be asked for default NTS path at which the DDB will be accessible. Press Enter key to accept default value or enter desired path. The script will then create all necessary database objects and register the module with Dynamic PSP Kernel. The installation is complete.

To access the DDB from your web browser, go to the URL similar to the following:


where is the name or IP address of your web server, is the name of a Dynamic PSP DAD, which schema you want to browse, and /!go?ln=DDBrowser is the mandatory format for the DDB call. If this is your first DDB call for the DAD, all necessary synonyms will be automatically created in the target schema. You will be asked for login credentials - use the same credentials you normally use to access the Dynamic PSP Development Interface.

Getting Support.

In case you have problems with DDB installation or use, please read the documentation provided first. If the documentation does not contain any answer to your problem, please visit our web site at


and join our support forum where you can ask your questions and they will be answered either by our support crew or by other users of DPSP2 and its addons.

Also, you may write an e-mail to support@dpsp-yes.com. Please include your registration ID with your e-mail. We do not provide support for unregistered users.

Please report any bugs you spotted in DDB to bugs@dpsp-yes.com, this will allow us to improve the product to suit your needs better.

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