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  1. What is Dynamic PSP?
  2. What are the differences between Oracle PSP and Dynamic PSP?
  3. Why not use JSP?
  4. Why Oracle still supports PL/SQL when they integrated Java into Oracle RDBMS?
  5. How To Secure Dynamic PSP Development Interface?
  6. How to enable native PL/SQL compilation in 9i Release 2 on Windows?
  7. I am unable to login into Unit Commander using default account.
  8. What is WebDAV?
  9. How to avoid redirection from index.html to DPSP unit?
  10. Java class to convert xls to csv or from MS Excel to CSV file into PL/SQL and upload data from .xls file to Oracle
  11. Java class to convert from DBF (DB2) to CSV file within Oracle PL/SQL

Why not use JSP?

JSP, or Java Server Pages, are gaining respect from web developers for a number of useful features they provide, like simple interfacing with EJB (Enterprise Java Beans), general portability, etc. Still, JSP is not a scripting technology of choice for Oracle developers. Reason is simple: JSP pages are compiled into Java classes and are run outside the database, all database operations are performed via JDBC and thus they are less optimal than those performed with PL/SQL right inside the database. Besides, Java code is slower than PL/SQL when it comes to database operations. And development process requires reupload to the web server and recompilation of the page each time it's changed, no matter how extensive the change was.

PSP and DPSP have numerous advantages over JSP - they reside inside the Oracle database, PL/SQL is native Oracle language and it is usually executed faster than corresponding Java code when it comes to data manipulation and is suited best for database operations. All in all, Java is a general purpose programming language while PL/SQL was designed specifically for effective database programming. Yet PL/SQL is well suited for general application development as well. If there is anything that can't be done easily with PL/SQL, it can be done with Java, because Java is also integrated into Oracle8i/9i. PSP and DPSP don't restrict developer in a number of available features - everything that can be done with plain PL/SQL, can be done with PSP. You can create special packages or procedures and call them from DPSP as if they were native DPSP features. You can create Java classes within Oracle database, then define PL/SQL interface wrappers for them and use them in DPSP pages as well.

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