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  1. What is Dynamic PSP?
  2. What are the differences between Oracle PSP and Dynamic PSP?
  3. Why not use JSP?
  4. Why Oracle still supports PL/SQL when they integrated Java into Oracle RDBMS?
  5. How To Secure Dynamic PSP Development Interface?
  6. How to enable native PL/SQL compilation in 9i Release 2 on Windows?
  7. I am unable to login into Unit Commander using default account.
  8. What is WebDAV?
  9. How to avoid redirection from index.html to DPSP unit?
  10. Java class to convert xls to csv or from MS Excel to CSV file into PL/SQL and upload data from .xls file to Oracle
  11. Java class to convert from DBF (DB2) to CSV file within Oracle PL/SQL

I am unable to login into Unit Commander using default account.

The README.txt file accompanying the Dynamic PSP distribution archive describes one important patch to Oracle OWA package for the bug, which prevents authorization to take place. Please see Section 4 in the README.txt file for detailed instructions on how to fix this bug.
In a few words, the bug is in mod_plsql, which does not always pass GCI environment variable names in uppercase, as expected by the OWA package. The fix is to explicitly apply UPPER() function to all CGI environment variable names as they are initialized by the OWA package.
Additionally, the latest mod_plsql patch (Version seems to have another bug, which cannot be easily fixed: this, and only this version does not pass the authentication information correctly to the PL/SQL programs it calls. All previous versions did not expose this behavior, as well as mod_plsql 9.0.x series shipped with Oracle9iAS Release 2. The only known way around this bug is to use mod_plsql v3. or 9.0.x until (if ever) Oracle fixes this obvious bug in

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