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Dynamic PSP Version 2.4

Installation instructions


Certain functionality of Dynamic PSP 2 Kernel requires some patches to be
applied to OWA packages. OWA packages come with Oracle8i in source code
form, as well as with Oracle9iAS and Oracle9iDB. During development of
Version 2 we identified and fixed several bugs in OWA packages which are
not yet fixed in any Oracle-supplied patch. To patch these bugs, you first
need to apply latest mod_plsql and OWA patch (to version, which
was the latest version at the time of this writing, or later). If you have
Oracle CSI, login into MetaLink and download patch 2244996 for your OS and
database version. Follow instructions accompanying the patch to install it.
This patch will upgrade mod_plsql to version and OWA packages to
version Users of 9iAS Release 2 (9.0.2) have OWA version installed by default and do not need to apply the abovementioned
A few bugs exist in mentioned versions of OWA, and they have to be fixed

1. mod_plsql (at least as of version does not always convert
CGI environment variable names to uppercase, and such variables cannot
be retrieved neither using ENV() built-in function, nor using
owa_util.get_cgi_env() function.

To fix this bug, open PACKAGE BODY OWA.INIT_CGI_ENV, and locate the following code:

j := j + 1;
cgi_var_name(j) := param_name(i);
cgi_var_val(j) := param_val(i);

in INIT_CGI_ENV procedure. Change it to read

j := j + 1;
cgi_var_name(j) := UPPER(param_name(i));
cgi_var_val(j) := param_val(i);


and recompile the package body with this change. This will fix the bug.

2. Download Dynamic PSP Version 2.4.4

3. Un-zip the "DPSP24-Std.zip" archive in "C:\...\DPSP2" directory on your

4. Go to the directory where you unpacked the distribution archive:
> cd \...\DPSP2

5. Run SQL-script:
> sqlplus sys/...@... @create_all.sql

Oracle 9i or later:
> sqlplus "sys/...@... as sysdba" @create_all.sql

6. Open PL/SQL Gateway Administration page
7. Click on Gateway Database Access Descriptor Settings
8. Click on Add Default (blank configuration)
Do NOT create Portal 3.x or WebDB configuration, they are not
compatible with Dynamic PSP and will not function properly.
9. Fill the following fields and leave others at their default settings:

Database Access Descriptor Name
Oracle schema name
Oracle user name
Oracle user password
Oracle connect string

Make sure Package/Session Management Type is set to "Stateless (Reset
Package State)"
You can enable or disable connection pooling as you see fit (we recommend
leaving it enabled for maximum performance)

If you intend to upload files in this project, you will need to create
the document table according to the mod_plsql documentation (documentation
is accessible by clicking Help icon in the upper right corner of each
PL/SQL Gateway Administration interface screen), section 1.7.1 (as of
documentation for Release 1 (v1.0.2.2) Part Number A90099-01). Then you
need to specify the name of this table in Document Table field of DAD
configuration. You may also create your own document access procedure.
Read the documentation to find out how to create one, and specify its
name in Document Access Procedure field. Also, specify Document Access
Path prefix that will invoke the document access procedure to process
the request.

Dynamic PSP provides built-in support for file upload and download. If
you want to make use of this functionality, you can configure
corresponding DAD parameters as follows:

Document Table = NN$T_DOWNLOAD
Document Access Procedure = NN$PSP_OWA.download
Document Access Path = data (or any name of your choice)


At the entrance, the Unit Commander will try to authenticate you. Type 'dpsp' as
a username and 'dpsp' as a password.
You will be logged-in as a DPSP2 default
user. We strongly recommend you to rename the user and change the default
password 'dpsp' as soon as possible.
You can also create any number of users and assign them different permissions.
For these purposes, invoke the built-in "User Management" tool. Please note
that the users you will manage here are NOT Oracle users, rather they are
internal DPSP2 Development Environment users.

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