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JOPA™ Gateway Servlet and WebDAV
JOPA™ Gateway Servlet - an alternative to mod_plsql gateway, the JOPA Gateway Servlet supports latest IETF standards and is designed to overcome limitations and flaws in mod_plsql. The Servlet also optimizes access to the Dynamic PSP run-time engine bringing it to its full potential. Fully conformant to the Java Servlet 2.0 specification, JOPA runs in any Servlet 2.0 container allowing you to use web server and J2EE implementation of your choice, including Apache with JServ, Tomcat, OHS with OC4J, WebSphere and others. JOPA also provides WebDAV access to the Dynamic PSP projects, providing developers with effective and comfortable way to manipulate Dynamic PSP-powered sites from their favorite content editor, including Macromedia® Dreamweaver™, Microsoft® FrontPage® and Adobe® GoLive®.more info...
Macromedia Dreamweaver support Site Extension is available for download.

Dynamic Database Browser, Version 2.3.3
Dynamic Database Browser (DDB) is a Dynamic PSP™ add-on module, which provides DPSP developers with 100% web-based interface for browsing, creating and modifying Oracle database structures and objects. DDB also provides an interface for running ad-hoc queries (Oracle user types are not supported by this interface, but all standard SQL types and queries are supported.)

Dynamic PSP™ Version 2 is extremely powerful, flexible and versatile server-side scripting solution for Oracle8i/9i/10g and Oracle XE . DPSP provides Oracle developers a ready-to-use web-based development framework for building Internet applications of virtually any complexity with little effort. Based on industry-standard Oracle8i/9i/10g/XE RDBMS and Oracle PL/SQL database programming language, DPSP offers a flat learning curve for experienced PL/SQL programmers, all of the PL/SQL features plus a lot of features designed specifically for Internet application development, integrated profiling and debugging, and more.
* Added Impex - Dynamic PSP(tm) Import/Export Utility
* Added NLP (Natural Language Processing) - is an add-on to Dynamic PSPT (DPSPT). NLP allows teaching your DPSP units to speak different languages.
* Added Name-Tree Service (NTS) is a Dynamic PSP add-on module, which provides developers and content managers with familiar and comfortable file system-like resource naming subsystem for managing Dynamic PSP units and static content, like images and documents, over the web. When installed on Dynamic PSP system, NTS provides name resolution layer for DPSP Kernel and adds web interfaces for managing the tree structure and resources of the site. NTS is transparent to the end users and developers accessing the DPSP site. In addition, NTS provides a framework API that allows developers to extend basic capabilities of the system by adding new resource types and mechanisms for accessing and processing them. NTS is also a vital component for JOPA Gateway servlets WebDAV support. JOPA servlet (available by request) relies on NTS for building the virtual file system and managing resources (Dynamic PSP units and files) of a DPSP-powered site.

Go to our Downloads section to grab the last version Trial and documentation! more info...

PSP_Mail is the Dynamic PSP add-on which can be also used standalone, encapsulating SMTP interface provided in Oracle8i with our DNS lookup functions in a single easy-to-use package that gives Oracle PL/SQL developers a simple way to send e-mail from Oracle RDBMS without the need for any external programs/scripts. more info...

WebSnap (Website Snapshot) Utility v1.5 The WebSnap utility allows to obtain a local snapshot of a Web-site (or any its part). It downloads all the requested contents (including graphics), following the Web-links. As a result, a number of mutually related files (.HTML, .GIF, .JPG, etc.) are stored in your local file system. The WebSnap utility tries to follow the sub-directory structure of the source. The links are reconstructed so that the local snapshot can be browsed off-line. The user has an option to specify some HTML-tags and/or data types to be excluded from the process of downloading. The WebSnap utility is implemented as a standalone Java program.

ASPID - DPSP Gateway for IIS v1.1 is installed as an "extension" of Microsoft Information Services (IIS). It provides a gateway from IIS to DPSP. It can be configured to serve many DPSP sources simultaneously.

Unit Manager for DPSP (UM) is an add-on of our main product - Dynamic PSP. It works as Java-applet in your Internet browser and provides another way of editing DPSP units (objects) - with multiple document interface and syntax highlighting. By means of UM, developers of DPSP-sites can create, edit, compile, and execute DPSP units (objects), set unit options, and more. Each user has separate configuration of editor attributes.

Universal HTML Form Validator JScript is JScript function nnjsValidateForm() that simplifies checking fields of the form for conformance to some requirements. Instead of writing each time new JScript functions, which should check whether required fields are filled and whether data of the appropriate type is entered into both required and optional fields (number in a numerical field, email in the electronic address field, text in a textual field etc.), you can take advantage of one function nnjsValidateForm() which will perform all this routine work automatically with as little coding as possible (actually, you only need to add some attributes to the elements of the HTML form and the function will do the rest). And if the capabilities of the function are not enough, you can add your own checks and combine them with those carried out by the nnjsValidateForm(). All you need to do is add your form checking code after calling the nnjsValidateForm() function (for example, by doing a logical AND of nnjsValidateForm() and your custom validation function). more info...

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