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Dynamic PSP Version 2.4

Dynamic PSP Version 2 (DPSP2) was redesigned from scratch to remove limitations of Version 1 and provide greater flexibility, security and ease of use. New modular design allows to add components and features to the Dynamic PSP kernel with little effort - you can choose which features you actually need and select the best combination of tools and technologies for your particular project requirements. DPSP2 provides greatly enhanced APIs for complete control over page output, built-in security and source control, enhanced Development Interface, new persistent hierarchical data storage facility similar to Windows Registry, support for progressive output (through the JOPA Gateway Servlet) and much more.


Download : DPSP24-Std.zip - Standard Package which includes Dynamic PSP core, unlimited units license and licenses for all released DPSP add-ons, plus at least one license for all new add-ons which will be released within 1 year of purchase date. You will also be automatically eligible for discounts of up to 25% for add-ons released later than 1 year from purchase date. Download comes with trial license for 50 units.
* Added Impex - Dynamic PSP(tm) Import/Export Utility
* Added NLP (Natural Language Processing) - is an add-on to Dynamic PSPT (DPSPT). NLP allows teaching your DPSP units to speak different languages. NLP is installed in a Dynamic PSP kernel schema.
* Added Name-Tree Service (NTS) is a Dynamic PSP add-on module, which provides developers and content managers with familiar and comfortable file system-like resource naming subsystem for managing Dynamic PSP units and static content, like images and documents, over the web. When installed on Dynamic PSP system, NTS provides name resolution layer for DPSP Kernel and adds web interfaces for managing the tree structure and resources of the site. NTS is transparent to the end users and developers accessing the DPSP site. In addition, NTS provides a framework API that allows developers to extend basic capabilities of the system by adding new resource types and mechanisms for accessing and processing them. NTS is also a vital component for JOPA Gateway servlets WebDAV support. JOPA servlet (available by request) relies on NTS for building the virtual file system and managing resources (Dynamic PSP units and files) of a DPSP-powered site.

See NTS Live Demo (login:guest/guest) and try NTS web interface in action!

Optional Modules

  • NTS (Name Tree Service)
    This module adds tree-like site structure support for Dynamic PSP projects. Module provides easy to use web-based navigation interface for browsing the tree, adding folders and items to the tree, edit elements, create and edit inter-tree links, and more. NTS also allows you to extend its basic functionality by adding your own tree element types, actions and handlers.

    You can download NTS (Name Tree Service) (DPSP Version 2.4.2 Enterprise Edition )

    See NTS Live Demo (login:guest/guest) and try NTS web interface in action!

  • Dynamic Database Browser
    Dynamic Database Browser provides visual interface for browsing your database objects, like tables, views, indexes and stored procedures, create and edit them and even run arbitrary queries from SQL Window - all from your favorite HTML 4.0-compliant browser. Written in Dynamic PSP, Dynamic Database Browser adds the tools necessary to effectively develop web-based applications in Oracle remotely over the web without the need for direct connection to the Oracle database to run DDL or ad-hoc queries.

    You can download Dynamic Database Browser!

  • NLP (National Language Processing)
    This module adds comprehensive internationalization support for your DPSP projects. NLP maintains a tree of language tokens and their translations, provides a web-based interface for maintaining and extending this tree, and API to use the translation repository in your projects.

    Dynamic PSP download included NLP.

  • JOPA Gateway Servlet - an alternative to mod_plsql gateway, the JOPA Gateway Servlet supports latest IETF standards and is designed to overcome limitations and flaws in mod_plsql. The Servlet also optimizes access to the Dynamic PSP run-time engine bringing it to its full potential. Fully conformant to the Java Servlet 2.0 specification, JOPA runs in any Servlet 2.0 container allowing you to use web server and J2EE implementation of your choice, including Apache with JServ, Tomcat, OHS with OC4J, WebSphere and others. JOPA also provides WebDAV access to the Dynamic PSP projects, providing developers with effective and comfortable way to manipulate Dynamic PSP-powered sites from their favorite content editor, including Macromedia® Dreamweaver™, Microsoft® FrontPage® and Adobe® GoLive®.
    Available upon request.

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Please share your experiences, suggestions and enhancement requests with us. Mail us at support@dpsp-yes.com, your feedback is very valuable to us and will help us to shape up future product releases to fit your needs and requirements.

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