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PSP_Mail is a set of PL/SQL packages and Java classes that simplify the task of sending various types of e-mail from Oracle8i/9i PL/SQL applications.
PSP_Mail combines raw SMTP interface provided in the standard UTL_SMTP package with advanced routines for DNS lookups, Base-64 encoding and binary OS files and files in ZIP/JAR archives access to provide PL/SQL developers with complete solution for sending different types of e-mail from Oracle8i/9i RDBMS without any external programs or scripts. With PSP_Mail you can send simple mail, attach LOBs or OS files and files from external or internal (stored as BLOBs) ZIP archives to the message, target multiple recipients, and more. PSP_Mail automatically finds the MX (Mail eXchanger) server for the target e-mail address, tries to send to this server, and if it fails for some reason, it can use default SMTP gateway to deliver this mail. Package routines automatically fix common errors in message bodies to make them fully standards-compliant and avoid them being rejected by strict SMTP servers. Attachments are automatically encoded to Base64 for guaranteed delivery, and the companion UTL_B64 package allows to encode message headers and body in a single call as well.
New! PSP_Mail now supports SMTP Authentication Extension standard and can authenticate with the SMTP server using CRAM-MD5 or LOGIN methods if your relay server only relays mail for authenticated users.
The companion UTL_BinFile package allows you to manipulate external files (stored in the server file system) and ZIP/JAR archives: load files into BLOBs, save BLOBs to files, list directories and ZIP archives, extract files from ZIP archives, create and update external or internal (stored as BLOB) ZIP archives, and more. The UTL_BinFile package may also be downloaded standalone and used absolutely free of charge!
Download documentation for the PSP_Mail at our Documentation page or try it out for free by downloading trial version from our Downloads page.

Current PSP_Mail version is, released 20 September, 2004.
Release notes for current version: PM145RelNotes.PDF

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