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Developing Dynamic PSP with JDeveloper 10g



This page shows you how to develop Dynamic PSP with JDeveloper 10g.


JDeveloper provides functionality to view and modify objects by using WEBDAV.

You have existing Dynamic PSP pages that you want you manage with JDeveloper. You also want to use JDeveloper to tune SQL statements, create and deploy new Java stored procedures, and create and debug PL/SQL stored procedures.


In order to work successfully, you will need to have performed the following:

1. Install Oracle JDeveloper10g.
JOPA servlet and Dynamic PSP were 100% tested at Oracle JDeveloper10g. versions :
1.1 For use Oracle JDeveloper 10g Version and higher install webdav patch for Jdeveloper WebDav parser from our site. Just copy webdavpatch.jar to jdev\lib\patches and restart Jdeveloper.
2. Install Dynamic PSP
3. Install Jopa Servlet


Step 1 - Setup WebDAV connect string to Dynamic PSP

Use URL Location: http://www.dynamicpsp.com/servlets/jopa/ ntsdemo/ to connect to our demo site.

Step 2 - Deploy DPSP Username and Password.

Use username: guest and password: guest to connect to our demo site.

Step 3 - Test connection.

Click on "Test Connection" to connect to our demo site.

Step 4 - Connect to WebDav by Jopa Servlet

Tools > Preferences > File Types > JSP sources > Add
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