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What Is DPSP And Why We Decided To Create It ?

DPSP™, or Dynamic PSP™, is PL/SQL™ Server Pages interpreter and compiler designed for Oracle8i™ RDBMS and Oracle© A pplication Server (OAS)/Oracle9i™ Application Server (iAS), a simple yet very powerful server-side scripting solution for Oracle AS. It is installed into Oracle8i RDBMS as several PL/SQL packages and Java™ classes and is instantly available after that, provided that OAS/iAS OWA packages are already installed and target schema is published via iAS. DPSP units are created, edited and managed via web interface requiring no new software installation for developers beyond any HTML4.0/DHTML-compliant browser. Optional Java-based Unit Editor is also provided with enhanced user interface.

Although Oracle has a term 'PSP' with the same meaning of 'PL/SQL Server Pages', it differs seriously from what you will read about in this document. After a bit of playing with Oracle's PSP we decided that its way is too limited in functionality we needed, so we decided to create our own server-side extension to Oracle RDBMS/AS and devised it Dynamic PSP (DPSP) as this name best describes what we intend to achieve but sets us aside from Oracle's PSP approach. We believe Dynamic PSP is a viable alternative to Oracle's PSP and JSP as well, because it doesn't require experienced Oracle PL/SQL programmers to learn Java and doesn't limit them in the way they can get things done.

DPSP shares common syntax with Oracle's PSP, but extends it with some helpful features, like a number of predefined functions, dynamic execution (unlike Oracle's one-time compilation approach), unlimited number of parameters to any DPSP unit (in PSP, the number of parameters is fixed), and more, while preserving syntax and common functionality of PSP.

Still Want To Use JSP Pages ?

Dynamic PSP API allows you to create simple JSP code to access any DPSP unit. Do not lose your time to write complicated code for JSP just use this simple example to access any DPSP page. By using DPSP you can write any PL/SQL code and run it by using just one JSP page.


Save code to file (for example go.jsp), compile JSP page and now you can execute any DPSP Unit throw JSP page by parsing parameters "ln" or "id_" with units name.

Like this: http://www.yourservername.com/[jsp-dir]/go.jsp?ln=[unit Name or unitID]

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