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How to run the demo

1. In Parameters edit box, enter any parameters to the DPSP code:

param_name=param_value&another_param_name= another_param_value...

These parameters will be accessible to the code through
the param() function:

some_variable := param('some_parameter_name');

2. In PSP Code window, type in your PSP code or use default example provided. You can modify this example any way you like.

3. Hit Try to Execute button to see results.

Visit DPSP-Forms Demo

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is an example of Web applications that are fully implemented by means of Dynamic PSP™. It is a tool for creating and managing your own business documents in Oracle database accessed from the Web. If you already have login and password, click here to enter DPSP-Forms Demo, otherwise sign-up.
To learn more about DPSP-Forms, see Introduction (PDF) .
If you want that we carried out Online Demo for you, or want to buy DPSP-Forms, please mail us at sales@dpsp-yes.com

Visit NTS Demo (name: guest, password: guest)
Name-Tree Service (NTS) is a Dynamic PSP™ add-on module which adds tree-like structure support for Dynamic PSP projects. The module provides easy to use web-based navigation interface for browsing the tree, adding folders and items to the tree, editing items, and more.
To learn more about NTS, see NTS User Guide (PDF) .
Andrew A. Toropov
How to run the demo
How to run the demo
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How to create a simple calendar by means of DPSP
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